Yan Pavlik

Yan Pavlik, Playstation 2


‘ʼPlaystation 2ʼʼ est accompagnée de deux citations :

« I used to work in a studio making large sculptures, which I then installed outside illegally. Often, when I was placing them outside, people asked what I was doing, and if I replied, “Art,” then most said, “Ah, OK,” and I could see they would stop thinking about the work. It seems to me that people who are not familiar with the art world would assume that they wouldnʼt be able to understand it. So I instead started answering people by saying: “This is something that I have to do.” With this answer, I could see that people were beginning to think to themselves: “Why does he have to do this?” To them, it must be strange to see someone working outdoors in the city who is clearly not being paid. »
Brad Downey

Building or Breaking, interview with Chiara Santini

« Par exemple si je dis quʼun rosier en fleurs ressemble à un coq de combat, évidemment il y a une analogie, ce nʼest pas ce qui mʼintéresse, ce qui mʼintéresse cʼest la différence quʼil y a entre le rosier et le coq de combat. Il faut commencer par lʼanalogie pour pouvoir dire que ce nʼest pas la même chose. Lʼanalogie, cʼest un moyen dʼapprocher de la différence. »
Francis Ponge
Vers Francis Ponge, documentaire de Guy Casaril